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What is Cenforce 100?


At 45 years, Jeffry thought he was at the pinnacle of his life. A great job, a loving wife, and so much to achieve. Then one night began a downhill tumble he never thought he would face. Erectile dysfunction launched a surprise and confusing attack on him and his life. This is a long gloomy tale that ends well. The happy part comes when he reveals his discovery of Cenforce 100. You see, for him, if you ask What is Cenforce 100, he will tell you about a life turned upside down but rescued by this medicine.

This drug is far more than just medication. That, we shall see later. First, let’s identify the drug as it is known in the field of medicine.

Cenforce 100 Defined by Urologists

Urologists regularly deal with male sexual problems. As they carry out their duty, they have to treat men like Jeffry mentioned in the beginning. In an instance like that, they turn to this medication, Cenforce 100.

For a urologist, this is a treatment regimen used to help impotent men regain temporary use of their penis for penetrative sex.

The medicine is an on-demand treatment that is taken before the patient begins foreplay. It enables the impotent man to get a hard erection that can last the normal duration of sex.

The Science of Cenforce 100

In science, this is branded Sildenafil in a 100 Mg tablet. Sildenafil is the raw ingredient for this medication. When the urologist recommends treatment for ED, they are really recommending Sildenafil as a drug. Cenforce is just the brand name.

Scientifically, Sildenafil is in the family of PDE-5 inhibitors. PDE-5 is the short form of Phosphodiesterase type 5. It is a protein in the body. Particularly, the protein is abundant in the blood vessel walls. We shall talk a bit about this protein before getting back to Sildenafil.

PDE-5 in the body controls vasodilation. When blood is needed in an organ like the penis, this brain sends signals so that PDE-5 can halt its action on another body chemical known as cGMP. This allows it to release nitric oxide which relaxes muscles and dilates vessels, blood can then flow into the penis through wider vessels. When ejaculation occurs, the brain sends more signals so that PDE-5 will block cGMP. The result is muscles contracting and vessels narrowing. Blood will flow out of the penis and it will become flaccid.

For men with erectile dysfunction, it is noted that many of them have PDE-5 acting constantly so the blood vessels never relax.

Now, here is where a PDE-5 inhibitor like Cenforce 100 comes in. its work is simply to block the protein phosphodiesterase type 5 so that dilation occurs and more blood can flow through the vessels as explained.

So, from a scientific point of view, this drug is a vasodilator that helps to cause free flow of blood through the body. Free flow of blood is necessary for an erection.

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Cenforce 100 as a Brand

This is a product from Centurion Laboratories. It is one of several other treatment options for erectile dysfunction. The name Cenforce is a brand name for different doses of the same Sildenafil medicine.

You can find doses of 25 Mg, 50 Mg, and 200Mg all sold under the brand name Cenforce. This drug may be fairly new on the market if you compare it to Viagra, which was the first brand of Sildenafil on the Market.

Cenforce was made after Pfizer’s patent on Sildenafil expired. This opened the way for different pharmaceutical companies to make generic brands of the same drug. If you have heard the term “generic Viagra” being used, it applies to this drug and a few others that also have a blue pill.

Cenforce 100 as a Magic sex Drug

For many people who do not know much about the science of ED medications or even the condition itself, this is believed to be a magic pill. You probably have heard about men taking this drug and becoming champion lovers. Other stories abound about it being slipped into a man’s drink and he develops an insatiable libido. 

The stories are legion and exciting, they are probably the reason many normal men go out and try to buy the drug over the counter. You may hope that your night of passion will be one to remember. You know what? It indeed will be one to remember, but not the way you imagine.

Medication for erectile dysfunction should not be confused with aphrodisiacs or drugs that claim to enlarge your manhood. Taking Cenforce 100 if you are not impotent will only increase the risk of conditions like priapism. Priapism is definitely a condition you will remember because your erection will be painful and will not go away until you get to the doctor.

A magic sex drug is what this treatment is not. It can only give you a better quality of an erection. That is achieved through increased blood to the penis so that it gets harder.

For some men with ED, when they take the pill, it may appear that the organ increases in girth. Such cases are because the penis is filled to capacity.

There is nothing out of the ordinary about this treatment, it employs natural processes within the body to help improve your life.

Cenforce 100 is Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Many men may get mixed up by the terms treatment and cure. True, sometimes they are used interchangeably, but in this case, that is not the application. This drug is intended to give temporary relief from the inability to get an erection. When you stop using it, it is a big probability an erection will not materialise any more.

The effect of a single dose of the pill will last as long as 6 hours and sometimes it can exceed that. Certain men can continue to get erections even 10 hours after they take the drug.

The contents of the tablet will remain traceable in the body even 24 hours after it was taken.

What is Cenforce 100 for People Who use it? 

The best way to understand what this drug is is to hear from the people who use it and how it has changed their lives. There are several reviews about medications used to treat ED. The experience of Jeffry mentioned at the beginning is only a tip of several experiences of men and their partners who have so many great stories to share about this drug. Let’s get down to them.

Cenforce 100 as a Life Saver

For a person like Jeff who had his life hurtling to the bottom, this medication represents a lifeline thrown to him. It can be hard to remain focused on your relationship and employment when everything seems to be going wrong. That is what erectile dysfunction does. In his review of the drug, he mentions that his home had become a battleground and that mood affected his performance at work. He almost lost his wife and had a few chats with HR as they tried to figure out what was going on.

Eventually, a friend he confided in advised him to see a doctor about the ED. After a few tests, he was put on Cenforce and his life has changed for the better. His life is back on course and there is even an addition to the family, a pretty little girl.

Cenforce 100 for Boosting Self Esteem

Bradly at 35, was still exploring his relationship options. He could have never imagined that impotence would affect him. It started one night when he took his girlfriend back home and nothing happened. Word started to get out about his inability to get an erection. Bradley felt like the lowest of the low and paranoia got the better of him. He thought everyone was laughing at him and he lost all confidence. A man who once could walk up to any girl in the room and chat her up, now couldn’t even go to a bar to hang out with friends. 

Some months after, he chooses to seek treatment. It was unbelievable when he found out the simplicity involved in getting treatment. Bradley is now in a committed relationship and as confident as he was before ED.

Cenforce 100 for Satisfactory sex

Sometimes, the reason sex doesn’t feel so great is that the erection is of poor quality. That is something Stephenie found out. She says her man would never get strong erections and “sometimes it would just go limp in the middle of sex.” She narrates that she found it hard to talk to her man about it yet she was always left unsatisfied. One day, after reading a magazine about how to talk about sex with your man, she decided to go for it. To her amazement, her man was cool about the feedback and they agreed to see a sexologist. They were referred to a physician for tests and later Sildenafil 100 Mg was prescribed. They ordered it online because he did not feel comfortable walking into a pharmacy to buy “sex pills.” With a great deal on Cenforce 100, they made the order and after 5 days, the package arrived. Long story short, sex is the highlight of their weekend. They both enjoy it to the full. “It is as if he became a new lover,” Stephenie concludes. 

It is a Pill That Makes Your Health Better

Based on scientific studies, we can conclude that using Cenforce 100 will help you live a healthier life. Different research to confirm the benefit of sex on health exists. The conclusions indicate that using this treatment to have sex will also improve your health. For example, sex is proven to stimulate the pleasure parts that reside in your brain. When you ejaculate, your brain is flooded with hormones that create euphoria. That feeling is good when dealing with depression which is a common effect of erectile dysfunction. Being happy also can help boost your immunity. Another study shows that regular sex after 60 years old can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. As you continue to use the medication, you will discover more health benefits associated with its use..

Safety of Cenforce 100

Knowing about treatment cannot be complete without knowing how safe it is. Sometimes, you may come across information that makes you doubt the safety of the medication. Based on trusted sources and clinical studies, you can rest assured that this is a medicine that will not harm you if you use it properly.

In America, Sildenafil has been used for long in the treatment of impotence. The drug was subjected to trials that indicate it is safe when used as directed by the physician.

Some of the safety precautions include avoiding self-prescription which puts you at risk of overdose and interactions. A person with cardiac complications shouldn’t use the medicine. A doctor would have to establish how it can be used safely or to recommend a different treatment.

You are also advised to refrain from using more than a tablet in 24 hours. There’s a greater chance of an overdose when you do that.

A simple way to ensure safety is to seek guidance from a trained specialist before you begin using the drug.

In Summary 

Cenforce is a safe oral treatment used in management of impotence. The blue bill helps a man get an erection within an hour and will support it for as long as it is needed. The drug is widely available online as a generic brand of Sildenafil and an alternative to the more pricey Viagra.

The benefits of this medicine are evident in the hundreds of reviews available online and the backing of urologists who prescribe it for their patience. Your experience with the treatment can help to define what it is to you. The way it affects people’s lives may differ, but one thing that is always evident is that it enhances the quality of life for impotent men and their partners.

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