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What is Cenforce 100 Used for ?


Cenforce 100 has been used by men in their hundreds and their thousands to improve their lives. Not every man needs this medication but it helps to know about it because you can share that information with someone and it will help them change their lives.

In learning what Cenforce is used for, we need key information about it.

What Cenforce 100 is?

This is a pill made for the management of the highest occurring male sexual problems, impotence. The condition is also referred to as erectile dysfunction and this is because it has to do with poor function of the penis when you want to get an erection.

This medicine will make it possible for an impotent man to get hard. By now, you probably have some idea about what it is used for. But we shall expound on its use because its function goes deeper than that.

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How Cenforce 100 Works?

Let’s go through a brief explanation of how erections occur. Almost all body functions involve the brain and the body. Signals are sent by the brain and then different body parts react to the signal. In the case of an erection, the brain senses sexual activity and sends a message to the circulatory system to send blood into the penis. When that happens, blood vessels will expand and soften so that more blood can get into the organ.

This is supported by vascular enzymes. One of them is PDE-5, which controls when blood vessels relax. You see, if blood vessels were always relaxed, the brain wouldn’t be able to keep a particular pressure and your blood pressure would drop to a dangerous level.

PDE-5 ensures that only when it is necessary will you have the blood pressure low. It does that by blocking another enzyme cGMP which produces nitric oxide that relaxes blood vessel walls.

When the brain sends a signal to effect an erection, PDE-5 stops blocking cGMP and all the magic starts to happen.

In impotent men, however, the signal may be sent from the brain but PDE-5 will remain active and that prevents dilation of vessels.

This is where Cenforce 100 comes in. It contains Sildenafil which is an inhibitor of PDE-5. It will block the enzyme and cGMP will be left to rule the vessels for as long as 6 hours.

Within that time, an impotent man can get multiple erections.

What it is used for?

Now we get to the part that you are most interested in. It may seem obvious that the drug is used for inducing erections in impotent men. Though it is the reality, the drug achieves more in the long run than just that. Treatment of failed erections goes further than the physical. There are benefits of the medication that stretch beyond that but are related to being able to have sex.

The primary use of the medicine Cenforce 100 is to help men who cannot get erections naturally get them. This obviously facilitates having sex which is a vital part of an adult man’s life. Sex is not just enjoyable but also helps a man to feel confident. Most men with ED experience loss of confidence and it can destroy the quality of life they live. When they are prescribed this medication, it is intended to do more than just help them have sex.

Also, relationships are central in various people’s lives. The relationship between married people as well as lovers can be strengthened when they can enjoy sex together. Sometimes when a couple visits a relationship therapist, it can be discovered that what they need to do is have more sex to strengthen their bond. However, the quality of the man’s erection may not sustain that. It is then decided that the man should start using this drug. The medicine in that case is used to prop up the relationship. It is a known fact that sex can bring couples closer and in some relationships, that is the reason they remain together.

This medication can also be used when dealing with depression that is caused by impotence. The failure to be a man in the bedroom can impact his mental stability. Impotence is a depressing condition and the longer it remains untreated, the higher the chances of depression. The treatment can be a combination of sex and counseling. While the drug will help to deal with the initial problem of impotence, sex can serve as an antidepressant. It is known that after sex, most people will be in a better mood. The same reason for that helps with depression. This is because the brain produces chemicals known to trigger feelings of happiness and euphoria.

The main ingredient of Cenforce 100, Sildenafil was not always intended for use in male health. Its vasodilation properties also make it good for dealing with pulmonary hypertension. This is when vessels leading to the lungs are tight and hard. In the same way, it works for an erection, it can work for this condition. There are other lower doses that may be appropriate for the treatment of the problem. Although, it may happen that you have no option but to use this drug instead. It can even be used to relieve pressure in the prostate area. Lower daily doses can be an effective treatment for prostate hypertension.

Even impotent men who are not sexually active can still use this drug. Erections are an important bodily function for men. When the penis is erect, that is when it receives oxygenated blood. For some time it was a mystery why men experience the phenomenon of morning wood and night erections. Now, it has been established that it maintains a healthy penis. An impotent man misses out on that and in the end, he may even have trouble urinating. This medication can be used once in a while to enable nighttime erections that keep the penis supplied with oxygenated blood. Whether you have sex or not, an erection is important.

How to use Cenforce 100?

Knowing what it is used for alone is not helpful. It is just as essential to know how to make use of it. As a rule, medications should only be used after consultation with a medical person. This drug is no exception. Your journey to sexual wellness and an improved life begins with a visit to the doctor for a diagnosis.

There are options in terms of the doctor you can see. While a urologist would be the best option, a sexologist, pharmacist, and GP can also prescribe the medication if they establish you need help to get an erection.

When the drug is prescribed, accompanying instructions will be given about use. Normally it will take just one tablet swallowed half an hour before sex to give you an erection.

One of the big risks when using this medicine is overdose. To avoid it, patients are compelled not to take more than a pill a day. Unless a doctor thinks it is helpful and safe, one tablet is the official dose when using the drug.

There are some cases where a man takes the drug and many hours later calls the doctor to complain that the drug is not working. The problem though is that the man expected the medicine to give him a hard-on. Cenforce 100 will only make it possible to get an erection. It is important that 30 minutes after taking the drug, you get involved in sexual activity. It takes stimulation to get an erection.

Part of using the medicine is being cautious when you do. The following advice should be followed.:

  • Avoid using other PDE-5 inhibitors when you are using this one
  • Stay away from meds that may have nitrates in it
  • Your blood pressure may be too volatile to use this medication
  • Men with sickle cells should have a doctor assess the risks of using this medicine before they take it
  • Don’t use too much alcohol if you are taking this medicine
  • Stay away from recreational drugs and tobacco when you are using this drug 
  • Don’t start using the treatment unless you have seen a medical professional who can prescribe it.


Cenforce 100 is a popularly prescribed treatment for men who cannot get an erection or sustain one during sex. Its primary use is to help such men get a hard erection whenever they need to have sex. There are varied ways in which this drug is utilised to improve the lives of impotent men. Since ED can cause secondary problems, treating the condition presents relief from the effects.

There are also other ways it is used to treat different illnesses such as high blood pressure in the lungs and to ensure penile health. The medicine should not be misused and that is why the involvement of a medical person is necessary. Misuse of the drug can cause complications related to overdose and incorrect use. When you take this drug, do not forget that stimulation is needed to cause a hard-on. 

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