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A Complete Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Cenforce 100mg


Discussions about erectile dysfunction are not easy to start. Maybe the reason for that is the limited knowledge about treatment options and their benefits. For example, a survey of 10 men selected at random revealed none of them was aware of Cenforce 100 Mg and what it can treat. The focus of this article will be this pill, but the aim is to expand the discussion about erectile dysfunction. 

With more knowledge about options, more men can be helped to lead better lives. 

What is Cenforce 100 Mg?

If you are among the many who have no idea about this medication, here is what you should know. 

Cenforce 100 Mg is a pill used in the management of sexual incapacity. It is made using a vasodilator called Sildenafil which is more famously known by the brand name Viagra. And now you could be thinking “oh, so Cenforce is Viagra?” Well, no. The 2 are not made in the same country and the companies that make them are different. However, the potent ingredient is the same. It is common for drugs to have a generic name and brand names. The generic name identifies the chemical in the medication which performs the actual treatment. While the brand name is how the company that makes the drug identifies its product.

In this case, Cenforce 100 Mg is the brand name for the product of Centurion Laboratories, a company based in India.

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Why do Doctors Recommend Cenforce 100 Mg?

Following research on erectile dysfunction and how it affects an individual, certain conditions were noted to be responsible for the illness. Quite often, there is a failure of blood to get into the penis. In such cases, the blood vessels are narrowed and the muscles of these vessels are contracted.

Scientists realized that Sildenafil, which is contained in this medication, causes a quick reaction in the blood vessels. Its ability to dilate blood vessels means it allows more blood to get into the male sexual organ.

So, the main reason for it being prescribed is the fact that it can effectively create a window for an impotent man to gain an erection.

It may not work in all cases, but a success rate of 80 percent is good enough. 

Another reason for its popular use is the fact that it has limited occurrences of side effects. In many of the subjects who used it, the effect isn’t serious so there is a lower occurrence of discontinuation.

Contents of Cenforce

We have established that Sildenafil is the compound that does the treatment in this medicine. However, it does not act alone, certain additives contribute towards its form. They may not treat erectile dysfunction, but they play a role in helping Sildenafil work better and faster.

You need to know these contents so that if any of them is something you are allergic to, then you will not take the drug. The contents, also known as excipients include: 

Calcium hydrogen phosphate anhydrous: It can be used in food as well as in medication. In this drug, it helps to bind other contents together.

Cellulose microcrystalline: The drug needs to have bulk, and this ingredient supports that. There’s common confusion about it because it is also referred to as wood pulp and some people may imagine industrial waste is added. However, that is not the case. Cellulose Microcrystalline is also used in meats and bread among other foods.

Croscarmellose sodium: It is used as a disintegrant in Cenforce 100 Mg. its purpose is to help in the breakdown of the tablet when it gets into the intestines.

Silica colloidal anhydrous: Its property makes it a good choice for the coating of the pill.

Magnesium Stearate: it is used to increase the disintegration time of the drug. This excipient acts as a lubricant in the tablet. 

Lactose monohydrate: It is commonly used in medications as part of the coating. Some people with serious lactose intolerance may find taking the medication impossible but for most individuals, the amount of lactose in the pill is negligible. 

Those are the added ingredients in the medicine. They are not for treatment but to give the drug its form and certain qualities such as being dissolved easily in the body.

Cenforce 100 Mg Dosage

Urologists have standard doses given in particular situations. When you are beginning treatment for erectile dysfunction, the specialist tries to find a dose that is effective but without the risk of major side effects. 

This 100 Mg pill can serve that purpose for most men. You would therefore have to take only one tablet to start with. The dose however is not fixed. Some people end up finding it either too strong or too weak and the dose needs to be changed.

The good thing about Cenforce is that it comes in different doses based on what the doctor prescribes. Of course, if you have already bought a box or strip of this drug and the doctor increases the dose, you wouldn’t want what you have purchased to go to waste. In such a case, you could take more than one tablet or break it and take only half depending on the adjusted dose.

The dose is really nothing for you to worry much about. Your doctor will determine what is best for you and recommend accordingly. The best results are observed when you follow the doctor’s prescription.

What it Feels Like Using Cenforce 100 Mg?

This question is one that has led many people, even those who are not important to try out this medication and many more like it. Many myths surround ED medications and the majority of them are simply as real as green men on Mars.

You probably should first know that the medication will not start working immediately. When you have just taken the drug, it will be like any other pill. Since it is small, it will go down easily.

At this point, let’s first debunk the myth that so popularly circulates. You may have heard stories of men who took the popular drug Viagra and ended up with an uncontrollable “horn.” Those are wild claims that have no scientific backing. Sildenafil and all the other brands of the drug do not cause involuntary erections. The meds are neither aphrodisiacs. 

So, if you were wondering if you might feel a bit stimulated after taking the med, the answer is no. In fact, you would need to be stimulated after taking the pill.

It may take between 12 minutes to 1 hour before you notice any change or even be able to get an erection. The most likely time between swallowing the drug and the ability to erect would be 30 minutes. Certain factors can influence how long you wait before you can get an erection. Some of those factors include: how much food you have eaten, the kind of food you ate as well as genetic makeup among others.

Since this drug works by dilating blood vessels, some people experience the effect of a drop in blood pressure. The drop is not so serious but you could experience a slight headache and a feeling of lightheadedness. These effects are temporary and shouldn’t affect your preparation to make love.

After taking Cenforce 100 Mg, you have to get physical with your partner to experience the full effect of the medication. Following a bit of foreplay, your member will start to rise. You will be able to get a hard erection within seconds.

In most cases, the erection will be very stiff because the maximum flow of blood is initiated. Many men say even when they ejaculate, they maintain a strong erection. Men who lose the erection after ejaculation have a shorter recovery time and are ready to go again.

You can keep on having sex for 4 hours before you notice the quality of the erection diminishing. 

Side Effects

This is something that a handful of men may experience after using the medication. The body needs time to get used to the drug and as it does, there can be a few feelings of unease. Often, there is nothing life-threatening and if the doctor has done his work well, it can be established even before you start taking the drug whether any serious side effects will occur.

The most common occurrence is a headache. This has been reported by the majority of men who experience side effects. A close second is the flushing of the face which can extend to the neck and the ears.

The sudden drop in blood pressure can also induce lightheadedness and a few issues with your vision. Some men fail to tell the difference between green and blue when the medication has taken effect.

Some people may experience back and muscle pain. It is not so intense and will not interfere with making love. 

Feeling nausea and having an upset stomach are also effects some people have experienced.

The doctor will also warn you about the risk of priapism. This is a condition where your erection is painful and is sustained for over 4 hours straight. It may occur if the medication interacts with other drugs or food. It is something you want to avoid and if it happens, get to the doctor as quickly as you can. Taking illicit drugs may trigger this. If you take more pills than you are supposed to, that can result in an overdose, and priapism is one of the effects of an overdose.

Other effects you should worry about when you ignore prescription guidelines are, chest pain, difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness, allergic reactions, and loss of vision. An overdose should be treated by a trained professional.


It is understandable that after you get to know about side effects, you worry about the safety of the drug. To set your mind at ease, this medication is as safe as a drug can be. But, the safety also depends on how you use it.

Cenforce 100 Mg is a prescription tab and should only be taken after a physician has ordered its use.

The FDA, which is the body that approves the use of medications, has okayed its use for the treatment of ED. This is based on studies that show if it is used in a particular way, it is not just safe, but also effective.

Centurion Laboratories, the company that makes this medication has carried out clinical studies and research on this medication to ensure it will not harm the user as long as the necessary precautions are taken.

Safety can also be your responsibility when you use the medication. Some of the guidelines to follow include: 

  • Do not use Cenforce 100 Mg unless it has been prescribed for you
  • Take the medication as suggested by the medical caregiver
  • Get to know possible interactions and avoid them
  • Buy genuine drugs from the right dealers
  • Do not alter your medication without the urologist’s knowledge
  • Always let other doctors you are seeing know that you are taking this drug


Although the key responsibility to prevent interactions lies on the physician, you too need to know a bit about them. There are certain possible interactions that you should be aware of and prevent as you use the drug. For example, you may likely choose to have grape juice with your meal, but grape juice interacts with Sildenafil and you would have an overdose because both the drug and the fruit can cause vasodilation.

Another interaction can be with fatty foods. Fat can line the walls of the intestines and stomach. This means the drug may not be absorbed properly. The effect of that can be that the pill doesn’t have the desired effect. You may have to hold on longer to get an erection or it might not work at all.

More serious interactions occur with other medications. For example, other ED medicines. If you are using Viagra and then you also use Cenforce at the same time, you run the risk of overdose. You should never mix drugs for erectile dysfunction. The caution also applies to herbs and supplements that are used to promote erection.

The number of possible interactions is high and we will not exhaust them here. Your physician will concentrate on those that are most likely and serious. Some of them include:

  • Interactions with heart medication
  • Kidney dialysis drugs
  • Medication given to organ donors
  • Treatment for people with low blood pressure
  • Serious cases of high blood pressure
  • Any medication with nitrates
  • Protease inhibitors used in HIV medication

Interactions usually manifest with similar symptoms as side effects and overdose. They shouldn’t be taken lightly as many of them can cause severe complications or in rare cases result in death. Prevention is the best option but if they occur, medical attention is of the essence.

What to do Before Using the Drug?

It is good to be prepared before you start using this medication. If you are in a relationship, you should talk to your partner even before you go to see the doctor. Talk about what you are considering and if you like, you can go and see the doctor together.

Visit the doctor: Do not self prescribe, you should have a doctor assess your condition and determine the dose. There is also information the doctor would need before they can guide you on how to use the drug.

Medical history: Share your medical history with the doctor. If you have been referred to a urologist, the GP can send medical information to the urologist with your consent. Consider listing the drugs which you are swallowing. This helps in determining the safety and efficacy of the treatment.

Exercise: This drug is more successful when the patient is active and healthy. Daily walks, jogging, or a few gym workouts could be sufficient for a start. You can also discuss with the doctor which exercises would be appropriate depending on your condition.

Eat healthily: Erectile dysfunction can be a result of a poor diet. It makes sense to improve your diet as you try to break free of the problem. Stay away from fried meals and consuming more fruits and foods rich in protein would be a good start.

Stop smoking: If you are a smoker, you must quit this habit. Smoking after all is known to affect your virility. This also applies to the use of recreational drugs like marijuana.

Cut alcohol: You may not need to give up alcohol completely, but the amount you drink, especially when you take the medication will have to go down. Too much alcohol will not only affect the efficacy of Cenforce 100 Mg, but it will also give you side effects you would be better off without. Discuss with the physician about what may be considered too much alcohol.

Prepare your mind: What you are thinking about is as crucial as your body state. You may fail to get an erection even after taking the medication if you are not mentally prepared for it. Have a relaxed mind, make sure your partner is in the mood, and by all means avoid stupid arguments. 

About Erectile Dysfunction

Now let’s get to know more about the condition that can be treated with this medication. First of all, you cannot say you have erectile dysfunction if you simply fail to get an erection once or twice. That is something that can happen to any man for several reasons including the fact that your parents-in-law are just next door.

Erectile dysfunction is when the inability to attain at least 60% erection is consistent every time you try to have sex. The condition is common as you age but certain factors seem to be making it occur even for younger men in different age brackets.

Worldwide, the number of men with ED is expected to clock over 300 million by 2025. At the moment, in the USA, it is estimated that 30 million have the problem.

The number of men seeking relief for the problem has increased especially with the existence of generic drugs like Cenforce 100 Mg.

Causes of ED

Different causes of ED have been discovered. They could be physical or psychological. This is why doctors carry out assessments before prescribing treatment. Some causes can be rectified without medication while others may not even respond to medication. Let’s explore some of the common causes.

Old age: As your body grows old, different functions may become harder or impossible. It is observed that many men in their 60s and over may end up with harder blood vessels and that affects the supply of blood to the penis. This condition is easily treated using the drug Cenforce 100 Mg.

Disease: Most scientists note that erectile dysfunction is indeed a symptom of other problems. Common among them are heart complications, high blood pressure, and diabetes. You will also realize that these diseases are associated with aging. Treating the primary disease may cure erectile dysfunction but in the meantime, a man can be helped to have sex by using drugs like this one.

Lifestyle: Some of the diseases that can cause erectile dysfunction can be a result of lifestyle. A person living a sedentary life and eating a lot of junk food is likely to develop heart problems, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Also, drinking too much, smoking, and use of recreational drugs can increase ED chances.

Psychological: Erections and sex are 50% psychology. Your mind needs to be in it for you to get stimulated. You could find trouble getting an erection if sex in the past was traumatic. Sometimes even being depressed can cause ED. In such a case, a psychologist would provide the best treatment along with medication.

Injury: Sports injuries or any other injury that causes physical damage to nerves, muscles, or tissue of the penis may result in impotence. A different approach may be necessary.

Medication: Certain drugs are known to cause impotence. Antipsychotics and antidepressants are among the common medicines that may prevent your natural ability to attain an erection.

Effect of Cenforce 100 Mg on Erectile Dysfunction

For an estimate of 60% of erectile dysfunction cases, relief can be attained by using this medication. This relief however is temporary. The drug is intended to allow an impotent man to get an erection strong enough to engage in penetrative intercourse.

The reason for this efficacy is the fact that the medication acts on blood vessels. More often than not, ED is linked to the vessels being too narrow and hard to let ample volume of blood through.

The science behind the efficacy of the drug is in the fact that Sildenafil is a PDE-5 inhibitor. PDE-5 is a body enzyme that controls the relaxation and contraction of blood vessel walls. In an impotent man, PDE seems to only prevent the blood vessels from relaxing. By inhibiting the action of this body chemical which is also called Phosphodiesterase 5, Sildenafil allows the action of cGMP which was suppressed by PDE-5. With cGMP active, nitric oxide is produced and that is what gets the muscles to relax and blood to flow where it is required.

When all that happens, it just takes some fondling and rubbing to make you hard and ready.

But the effect of Cenforce 100 Mg is beyond the science of getting an erection. There are effects on the lives of people who use it. Let’s get into that now.

How Cenforce 100 Mg Benefits You?

If you have erectile dysfunction and you start using this medication, there are marked changes you will experience. Many of the devastating effects of impotence can be reversed so that you live a more pleasant life. 

Improved sexual experience: For most men, taking the medication improves the nature of the erection. For some, it may come as a surprise that the quality of an erection plays a big part in the enjoyment of sex. You need to be hard enough to get in there with ease and in order to enjoy certain styles. Your partner too will be pleased by the stiff member and what it represents.

Better esteem: Self-esteem is a very common casualty of erectile dysfunction. Inability to please your partner will take a toll on your pride and that affects your quality of life. This medication makes it possible to engage in satisfactory sex which will inflate your ego. Self-esteem and confidence are the motivation for so many things in your life. It also keeps you from getting depressed.

Bonding in Relationships: You need to bond with your partner and sex plays a pivotal role in bonding. Without it, you may have noticed that you are getting more distant from each other. There is also the tension created by impotence with your partner silently contemplating breaking up or cheating and you worried about that day when she throws in the towel. You can mend your relationship and bridge the gap created by ED. With this medication, you can enjoy intercourse and satisfy each other. 

Overall quality of life: Good health is important for a good life, even if you just have a headache every day, it is bound to affect the quality of life. Now, having a problem with an organ like the penis which is part of what defines your gender, can become a major stress in your life. It can be depressing, agitating, and make you incapable of doing the many things that make life pleasurable. Cenforce 100 Mg helps you deal with that and improve your life.


1- Will Cenforce 100 Mg Work for me?

Yes, or no can only be confirmed based on the results from your visit to a doctor. Not everyone with erectile dysfunction will be treated when they use this medicine. Some people have problems with their nerves and that cannot be handled using a vasodilator. If you have advanced diabetes, you may need a different option to treat the problem. Just do not start taking the drug until a doctor confirms that you need it and it will help.

2- How do I get Cenforce 100 Mg?

If you have been through the process of diagnosis and prescription, then it is easy to get this medication. Cenforce 100 Mg is easily accessed online. You simply have to get the right online pharmacy to purchase generic ED medication. The site will process your prescription and order. Your medicine shall then be brought to you just as any other product you purchase online.

3- Does this drug affect my ability to drive?

Yes, it can. The side effects of the medication hinder your ability to be fully attentive as you are driving. Can you imagine trying to control a vehicle on a busy street while you are drowsy and have a headache? It is advised that you do not control complex machinery while you are experiencing side effects of the medication.

4- Who can use this medication?

Cenforce 100 Mg is intended for use by people with erectile dysfunction. If a doctor has carried out tests and determined you can take the medicine, then you are one of those who can take it. It may interest you to know that although the main use of the medication is for impotence, it can also be used to treat prostate complications. This however is only if the doctor sees it fit to do so.

5- What is the Shelf life of Cenforce 100 Mg

Based on tests on the drug, it has a shelf life of 3 years.


So what have you learned today? The main take home here should be that Cenforce 100 Mg is an effective drug to be used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Its utilisation should be based on medical advice. What’s more, the safety of the person using it depends on how well they follow the prescription. This drug is not different from viagra but costs less. You can get this medication online from genuine pharmacies that deliver to you. 

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